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Monday, 31 October 2011


Ok to be fair I've never been surfing before, although I am planning on trying it out this summer in Cornwall! I heard about Bali as a surfing resort whilst I was on holiday in Norway. A guest in the same hotel as me had a son, who was a keen surfer and was helping his friend run a surf school in Bali.  Bali is in Indonesia and is one of those tropical paradises, the kind everyone likes. What makes Bali especially perfect for surfing is it's huge coastal waves that can sometimes reach four to five feet high, this is because of southern ocean swells direct from the Antarctic. Loads of surf schools are situated in Bali and it is a highly popular resort during peak times. Not only that but there are different beaches for different levels of surfing. For example a beginner would start on Kuta Beach whereas an experienced surfer would be better suited to Keramas due to the sharper reef and bigger waves. Generally the further north you get in Bali, the bigger the waves!


Kuta Beach