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Friday, 23 January 2015


So I took a little break from blogging for the last two months for a couple of reasons... Firstly I was just way too busy with uni work and travelling and secondly I didn't really feel any kind of inspiration for a while. However, it's a New Year and I'm ready to get back into my usual hobby (with the help from a little travel-inspiration). Over Christmas, I decided to do something a little different to the usual mince pies, mulled wine and standard- Christmas carolling agenda. So I set off to Cuba! Really if there's any time to visit Cuba it is NOW; recent agreements with the US mean the country is likely to undergo dramatic changes in the next few years and the Cuba I saw at Christmas could be gone as we know it. 

A group of us stayed in Varadeo, one of the most popular beach towns on the island and it became obvious to us why quickly on arrival. Perfect white sands, warm ocean currents and a breathtaking sunset view make Varadero peninsula the ideal picture postcard paradise. Honestly around 90% of my time was spent lying in the sun with a mojito in hand. In spite of the beauty of Cuba, there are a couple of things to keep in mind- Cuba is not somewhere you travel to for luxury catering. Mealtimes consist of very few options which usually consist of rice, canned vegetables and some kind of mystery meat. In addition to this- shock horror- no wifi in Cuba, the country still runs on dial-up. Remember dial-up? Looking back on it, dial-up reminds me of some alternative hipster ringtone. If you can look past the food and the lack of internet for a week then you will easily have a great time. 

One place I can't recommend enough is Havana. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Havana is a colourful city of 1950's Cadillac’s and a beautiful mixture of neo-classical and art deco architecture. We spent most of the day visiting key sites in Havana; El Capitolio, Plaza Vieja and Revolution Square, followed by a quick drink in one of Hemmingway's favourite bars. I really recommend visiting Cuba; its culture and history are rich and interesting and its capital a beauty in itself. Visit Cuba now or regret it later.