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Wednesday, 22 May 2013


I remember when I was planning my trip around Europe, my geographer teacher insisted that I visited Croatia and advised that I travel down the coastline ending up in Dubrovnik. However, whilst planning it became increasingly apparent that getting to Croatia, let alone getting around Croatia was going to be a bit tough. Getting to and from Croatia via airplane is relatively simple, however there are no trains running down the coast and most travelling within the country or to nearby islands is done by ferry or personal transport. So, alas I never visited Croatia saldly. But this has made me more determined to visit next year and here are a couple of reasons why. My first attraction has got to be the Coastline, especially visiting all of those gorgeous coastal cities; Dubrovnik, Split and Pula initially come to mind. Can you imagine just driving up the coastline in a little convertable, stopping off in little villages on the way for fresh Dalmatian (a historical region not to be confused with the coveted spotty dog) Lobster or for a spontaneous cliff jump into the crystal blue waters of the Adriatic. And for anyone who enjoys sailing, or is rich enough to own a boat, this is a perfect opportunity to sail to some of the nearby islands. 

I'm also very attracted to inland Croatia, one place I've always wanted to visit is the Plitvice Lakes National Park, which is home to some of the most stunning lakes and waterfalls in the world. This gorgeous National Park is in Northern Croatia and is near the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina (also worth visiting for Mostar). The Plitvcie Lakes remind me in many ways of something out of a fairytale, especially with the cascades of waterfalls toppling onto one another, encircled by leafy surroundings, creating something very fairy-grotto and Rapunzel-esque about it. However, for those of you a bit more down to earth, the National Park also offers some great hiking and walking routes for all you keen outdoorsey people as well. Overall, I can't wait to visit, when I visit that is... and I hope this has inspired some other people to think of visiting for their future summer holidays!

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