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Sunday, 2 February 2014


Tree Top Pods

You may have seen these spherical pods before, or you may be confusing them with something you might have seen in a sci fi/fantasy film. These personal tree houses are actually called 'Free Spirit Spheres' and are hung from ropes between trees to replace any conventional style tree house. A company in British Columbia, Canada rents out these little bubbles and markets them as perfect places to enjoy nature, meditation and relaxation. Groovy. 

Fairy Princess Castle

Ever wanted to pretend you were Cinderella? Sleeping Beauty? Ch√Ęteau de Bagnols, a Celtic style castle has everything a castle should need. Complete with moat, drawbridge and decadent, gold leaf interior design, this castle has everything you need to play princess for a day. Described as 'wildly romantic', this hotel is the most expensive on the list, with your average apartment room costing £312 a night, but considering the decadence you get what you pay for here. 

Ancient Ruins

Neemrana Fort Palace is not built on your average brownfield. Situated just outside of New Dehli, India, this luxury accommodation is built on the ruins of a fallen Palace, which crumbled into decay after India became independent. The site now holds a complex of seven palace wings with an accompanying hanging gardens, zipwires and a couple of pools. The restoration of these beautiful ruins has made Neemrana a perfect location for culture vultures and anyone who appreciates a good view. 

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