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Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Near where I live in Kent, the lavender fields are well and truly out. These delicate purple flowers really are the smell of summer, adorning local gardens and fields...and now in my baking! I've had lavender shortbread a number of times but never made it myself. My grandma's shortbread is somewhat famous among family circles so I've never wanted to challenge her as the shortbread queen. However, I thought that adding a bit of lavender to a shortbread mix could make an aromatic change to the normal buttery biscuits. I was also a bit of a cheat and picked up some Barts dried lavender rather than running to the local lavender farm shop (yup there is one!) But wherever you get your lavender from, this is an easy-to-bake treat you should love! Preheat an oven to around 180 on fan. Firstly grind up a small handful of dried lavender in a pestle and mortar. Add this to 300g of sifted white flour, 80g of caster sugar and a pinch of salt. Then rub together the flour mix with 250g of cubed unsalted butter to form a crumb like mixture. Mix in 1 egg yolk alongside a teaspoon of vanilla extract and softly combine. Roll the dough onto a floured surface and cut into shapes, circles, whatever you feel at about 1cm thickness (the thinner will need less cooking time). Bake for 10-12 mins, making sure they are turning a lovely golden colour; if they start to crisp at the edges and darken-take them out! Cool for a while and transfer to a wire rack, ready to be enjoyed with a cool glass of lemonade!

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