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Tuesday, 18 November 2014



1. First snow! This weekend we had the first Canadian snowfall of the year and since then it hasn't actually stopped! I woke up Monday morning to a crisp white winter wonderland outside of my window and a scary -10 this morning! Despite the cold, I love the snow, it reminds me of skiing and Alpine mountains...

2. Volleyball Practice. This year I've got into Volleyball at McMaster and so far I'm really enjoying it. I'm not really a competitive person, I just love the game. We've been playing on an all girls team so far but next term I'm going into a corec team to keep up playing.

3. Weekly pub quizzes at the local; almost like being back at the UK. A friend here at Mac has been hosting weekly pub quizzes for charity at one of our favourite local pub spots. Two weeks ago my team actually won and we all got free t-shirts. I never win anything, so big celebrations were had.

4. Taking photos down by the lake. A group of us took a walk on Sunday around Cootes Paradise, most of the autumn leaves have fallen off of the trees but the frost and snow had made the lake freeze over in some parts and the trees glisten. I love taking photos of this kind of stuff- although I missed a chance to snap up a picture of a deer on the pathway down to the lake!

5. Laying in bed, catching up on The Walking Dead. Not very exciting but it's one of those little pleasures in life. Studying is kind of constant whilst you're at university but taking the chance to watch a good TV show is the best kind of break.

6. Skype catch-ups with friends from home. I've managed to speak to a few friends from home over the last couple of weeks; ranging from locations in Leeds to Singapore. It's weird thinking coming up to Christmas how the next time I see most of them it will be hot outside again!

7. Festive things. I'm one of those people who listens to Christmas music in November ok? I just love it. I got myself an advent calendar the other day, yes I know I am a child and we watched Home Alone Sunday evening, what a classic! Can't wait for Christmas, even if mine with be a little unorthadox in Cuba...

8. My new party dress. I've ordered a stunning silver dress from Topshop for the party season. Can't wait to pair it with some spiky heels and a bright lipstick! I've got tickets to the Winter Wonderland Ball for all us International Students, which I see as a good excuse to wear it eh?

9. Signing up for Dog Sledding. Yes, that's right, I'm going Dog Sledding early next year and I can't wait! Snow, puppies, snow, puppies, there's too much good in  that one sentence. Not only that but the accommodation has a hot tub and a sauna, super relaxing ahhh. 

10. Warm soup at Burnt Tongue. I was out shopping the other day for groceries and I stumbled accross this little soup cafe. It serves fresh soup and chilli; the menu changing every day. I had a tasty tomato and yoghurt soup, but there were plenty other flavours, peanut and yam, morrocan chickpea, yum! 

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