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Friday, 8 July 2011


A few months ago I saw this video and it completely blew me away. Palau is now on my list of places to go, mostly because I’m a keen diver and also part mermaid. Ever since I watched this guy floating around in Ongeim'l Tketau (Jellyfish Lake) I just thought how surreal and exciting it would be to do the same. Palau is a very small island nation in the Pacific Ocean and when I say very small, I mean, you can’t even place it on the world map. The isolated nation of Palau is just east of the Philippines and in terms of natural landscape, it is stunning. It’s literally beautiful, it’s the kind of nation I’d like to take out on a date and treat to a nice meal. It’s for this reason I’m curious as to why Palau; with its tropical climate, rare biodiversity and white sandy, paradise beaches isn’t on the same level of tourism of other island nations such as the Seychelles and the Maldives?

I’m not put off by its remote status, in fact, the lesser known, the better. But the marine biology and general landscape of Palau is the main attraction for me personally. The idea of swimming in and among blue holes, hidden caves and tunnels as well as encountering as many sea species as you can count gives me giggles. I would define it as the Amazon of underwater exploration and Darwin’s evolutionary paradise. The famous Jellyfish Lake holds around 21 million harmless jellyfish which have no natural predator and are therefore a very vulnerable species.  Thus if you do travel to Palau, be careful with the wildlife, it can’t help being so delicate and pretty.

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