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Friday, 12 April 2013


4. Eat Eclairs at Blé Sucré

If you haven't worked it out by now, I'm a foodie, a big one. Additionally my favourite kind of food is the baked good kind. Let me tell you, although I haven't sampled all of the eclairs from all of the patisseries in the world (as much as I'd like to) these ones do come top of my list. Blé Sucré is located on Rue Antoine Vollon, so quite off the beaten track and away from the hordes of tourists, looking for a perect macaroon. Other items to look out for are the; 'best iced madelines in Paris', delicate millefeuille's and flaky pain au chocolat's. Highly recommend to anyone with a sweet tooth and passion for beautiful desserts. 

5. Invest in a cushion/well-padded jumper

This trip will exhaust you. You will be physically and emotionally drained from carrying that huge rucksack around Munich whilst trying to keep your watercolour from Italy uncrumpled. Most of the sleeping you do will probably be on long train trips, you won't be getting much sleep in the 13 bed hostel in Bilbao let me tell you that. I therefore advise you to invest in a cushion, one of those round-the-neck ones will do, or one of those funny-animal-foam ones if you have space for it. If neither of those will do, just do what I did, find a nice soft jumper and rest your head on that.

6. You might lose clothes...

This is something you should be prepared for. It can be very saddening, especially when it's your favourite t-shirt or a VITAL pair of underwear. But don't worry, it happens to everyone! Everyone in my group lost something, I lost around 3 items of clothes. Another friend lost his sunglasses and another lost her best dress. The key here is to not take anything too expensive or personally important to you, no matter how good they make you look in photos. If you just must take your Burberry rain mac (what's wrong with a floral poncho...?) then you probably need a bag padlock. Although saying this, you'll probably still lose something, because you left it on the floor of your room in Ljubljana.  


Yep. Lost that whole outfit.                                 You won't be getting much sleep in that will you.

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