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Wednesday, 11 September 2013


In some ways, my reasons for going to Chengdu mirror my reasons for going to Osaka. In the sense that the main attraction is animal based (pandas), yet it is only the tip of the iceburg, representing a much larger country I would love to travel around. I single out Chengdu again because of the panda research facility, which I have always wanted to visit. I remember receiving a postcard from a family friend who'd visited and told us that baby pandas are quite heavy to carry. And who wouldn't want to visit baby pandas? Chengdu is famous nationally and internationally for this reason and the research facility attracts thousands of tourists each year. Chengdu is also becoming more accessible internationally- aiding to it's popularity, British Airways launched direct flights this year to the popular Sichuan city. In addition to pandas, there are a number of hiking and river sports activities in the surrounding area, for the sporty kind. Alternativley, there are a number of monestaries and holy sites to visit for those looking for a more cultural experience. My guess is that this city can only continue to grow with activity due to the influx of tourism and I hope to Chengdu before it overwhelms the original attraction.

Voted world's No1 cutest tourist attraction

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