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Friday, 13 September 2013


To correspond with my 'Cheap Eats of Europe', I feel it necessary to include how I actually survived the majority of interrailing. With interrailing, you're very much on the go all the time, which in effect, uses up a lot of energy. Street food and local snacks provided a lot of this energy and were the reason I was able to keep going throughout the day. Some traditional snacks, I wanted to try for the sake of it; specialist pastries for example. Others; such as slices of pizza in Venice, could pass as a genuine meal for the day, and mean that we could eat en-route to the Bridge of Sighs. My top 3 snackettes would be:


1) Belgian Waffles. Tried these in Antwerp from a street stall, better than any I've had in the UK. Covered in fresh cream and strawberries, you can't go wrong there.
2) Croquettes in Amsterdam. We went to a little deli that did every possible flavour croquette and filling available, then put it in a roll for you, was very nice. You can also get croquettes from vending machines (FEBO) as well as burgers and hotdogs and stuff. Nifty little invention. 
3) Sfogliatelle in Naples. Bit of a mouthful this one, but I always enjoy pastries of any sort. These yummy treats are thin layers of pastry with an almond custard filling. In New York, they are more commonly known as 'lobster tails'. Melt in the mouth. 

There were a few disapointing snacks as well, not every meal can be perfect after all. For example; lacklustre crepes in Paris made me miss my own homemade ones and the German currywurst was fine, but nothing to rave about. I've also had better churros in Disneyland... I would also reccomend pizza places in Italy that use the weight as an indiactor of price; these places are arguably more authentic and reasonably priced. 

p.s. Sachertorte is not really a snack but a must-try in Vienna. Plenty of places to try it; Cafe Sacher etc etc...The best place in AUSTRIA however is Cafe Elizabeth in Westendorf. I promise. 

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