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Sunday, 13 October 2013


When I say homemade pizza, I'm kind of twisting your arm. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for bread-baking and fancy pizza making but now that I'm back at uni I'm looking at the cheaper way of doing things. The great thing about making home made pizza is that you can make your own base; from a traditional bread dough or you can use a ready made bread mix with a bit of oil and water and it essentially has the same effect. An even lazier (student friendly) way to 'make' your pizzas could use a naan or flatbread base for your toppings. We used a ready made bread mix and followed the instructions on the packet! (Remember to allow time for proving). The best bit about making pizza is choosing your toppings. We had a wide range of flavours in our household; sausagey pizzas, cajun chicken and sweet peppers, veggie-loaded and mozzarella and my personal choice: jerk chicken, buttered onions and cream cheese. Yup, those flavours work. Probably the next best thing about homemade pizza, apart from the mix of toppings you can pick, is the doughy base- which tastes just a bit thicker and softer than it would if you had ordered it from dominoes. I'm a huge advocator of home made dinners and if you can find a bit of time to swap your frozen pizza for a freshly made one, I would argue it's worth the swap.  Do you make homemade pizza? What's your topping combo?

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