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Friday, 18 October 2013


I realise that I am a little late on the bandwagon regarding this place, but the truth is I completely forgot about writing about Shake Shack when I went (way back in august) as I jetted off to France and immersed myself in confit duck and wine the week after. Anyway, removing that hiccup from the picture, let's talk burgers. Shake Shack is the new gourmet fast food burger place to be imported from the USA (obviously). Its charm relies on good cooking, original flavour combos and an American canteen style charm. Although I would say the rules regarding seating in Covent Garden are very blurred when it comes to Shake Shack's location. Anyway onto food; I wouldn't necessary call myself a burger person, often the meat is too dry or the bun is too soggy, there's very little balance. 

Shake Shack however gets this balance just right. I went for the SmokeShack burger, a standard burger with yummy smoked bacon, pepper and a secret sauce. This is the kind of burger I like; simple with a perfect mix of smoky and sweet and any burger with applewood smoked bacon has a Chloe Brown approval stamp on it- just for future reference. I had this with some crinkled fries- not much to rave about there and strawberry lemonade (TO DIE FOR). Unfortunately I missed out on the Frozen Custard but I will definitely return once the weather warms up again; the vanilla jam mix looks utterly scrummy. Overall Shake Shack is probably one of the better gourmet burger joints that are sprouting up all over the country; are gourmet burgers the new salted caramel? I would definitely go again, it's burgers are reliable and it's frozen custard is tempting. 

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