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Saturday, 2 November 2013


Only 363 days to next Halloween guys! So in preparation, here's what I made this year. A gruesome concoction of red velvet cupcakes, moulded to look rather (anatomically incorrect as I'm informed) like beating bloody hearts. These were inspired by the wonderful Lily Vanilli, who has a whole recipe book devoted to Halloween themed bakes; although I would hazard that mine aren't as pretty as hers. The main gist of the cupcakes are to bake a batch of red velvet (recipe below), then wrap them in red fondant. I would recommend buying plenty of fondant as you get through a surprising amount- we had two packets and just about stretched it enough to cover 8 cupcakes, at least 500g. To be honest, I would love to tell you how to sculpt the hearts, but it's mostly a process of trial and error. Make sure you sprinkle plenty of icing sugar on the cakes and the work surfaces so they don't get too sticky and that should make it easier. The best way I found was to make an elongated rectangle/oval with the fondant, apply a bit of melted jam/frosting to the inside so it sticks and then pinch the top and the bottom ends of the fondant over the top of the cupcake, folding the rest over the sides and making sure the cake is completely covered. Don't worry if they look a bit...questionable, the folds and the creases will be part of the overall ew-ness when they are finished. Use any excess fondant on the top to form the arteries and just use as much artistic flare as possible! Apply some piping gel mixed with red food colouring (maybe hints of black food colouring as well) and brush the hearts over with a fine brush. Lastly, melt some jam- I used my homemade cherry jam and pour into the arteries to resemble blood! The chunks of cherry came especially handy in resembling blood clots. I was so happy with the overall result of these cakes and they make a wonderful centrepiece to any Halloween party! The recipe for the red velvet cupcakes is below:

the finished...bleugh
This recipe makes around 15 cupcakes. Preheat oven to 180 on fan. Sift together 325g of plain flour and 30g of cocoa powder or hot chocolate powder if you're feeling lazy. Cream 115g of unsalted butter with 280g of caster sugar until fluffy. Add 2 eggs and one and a half tablespoons of liquid food red colouring. Then beat until well mixed. Incorporate the wet mix into the dry, slowly adding 250ml of buttermilk. Lastly in a small bowl mix 1tsp of bicarb of soda with 1tsp of lemon juice- it should fizz up. Then fold this into the mixture. Divide into cupcake cases and bake for around 20 mins. Leave to cool before you ice them. 

P.S Piping gel and red food gel can be bought through Amazon! On another note; piping gel looks like some kind of costume make-up by itself. 

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