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Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Trinity Kitchen is everything you expect a street food canteen to be like; extremely busy and wildly overpriced. However, that is not to say I didn't enjoy my food. I had a Chicago Rib Shack Cajun Chicken Burger with a light cajun mayo. To my mind, it was standard street food, in a canteen setting; comfortable flavours that were enough to fill you up and continue on with the day. In all honesty, I'd wish I'd been a bit more experimental and gone for an interesting looking pork belly dish that was wafting from the inside of a converted caravan. Other alternatives included Vietnamese Londoner-favourite- Pho, or Mexican canteen classic- Tortilla. The local Marvellous Tea Dance Company, which I have visited on separate occasions, also had a stall in Trinity Kitchen (although I would say the original is much cuter and homlier than the Trinity stall). Saying all of this however, the unique selling point of Trinity Kitchen is it's high turnover. By which I mean, old street food stalls become replaced my new ones on a monthly basis or so, thus revitalising the kitchen and keeping it's appeal fresh and current. The new street food stalls that have just arrived include a yummy looking veggie/vegan place called 'Fresh Rootz' and celebrated burgers n' wings specialists 'The Mobile Diner'. It appears that if there isn't something you like the first time, there's a chance whatever comes round next month might appeal to you more (she say's looking at the Fresh Rootz menu and nodding persistently). My experience with the Chicago Rib Shack was 'meh' overall, but I hope that when I visit Trinity Kitchen again, the food will live up to the every so hyped up expectation. 

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