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Monday, 30 December 2013

I'm going to Canada!

I sadly haven't been able to update as much as usual, this is due to a combination of family bonding time/Christmas festivities and a skiing trip. On which note I'd like to announce some news! Next year, starting around August I will be living and studying in Canada; more specifically in Hamilton, Ontario which is just outside of Toronto. I've secured a place at McMaster University and I'll be living there for the next year. Obviously this will bring some huge changes to my life; I've lived in Canada before, but only for a period of 6 weeks, this is clearly a much longer commitment. It's safe to say I'm ridiculously excited about living in Canada- maple syrup, ice hockey and moose's (moose...meese...I don't know). Whilst I'm out there I'm hoping to travel around a bit when possible, I'd love to visit Labrador, Montreal and of course go back to Whistler! The other exciting thing I have planned is the potential for an American road trip over the summer. Although this is ADVANCED planning to the max and I always advise people not to plan too much in the future... I'm really passionate about this road trip and it's something I've always been interested in doing (see previous posts)! Anyway, I'd love to know if anyone has any comments about living in Canada or living abroad in general. If you've been to Canada; where did you visit? The foodie in me would also like to know of any brilliant restaurants in Toronto...? This is going to be wonderful eh.

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