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Monday, 6 January 2014


Have you looked outside? It's grim. And guess what? I have just the cure for that; warming alcoholic beverages of course! Saying that, you can just take out any of the alcohol in these recipes and replace it juice or something. Also if you have a cold- stick to the Lemsip for now.  One of my favourite winter drinks is mulled cider, a refreshing alternative to mulled wine. I got this recipe from Nigella of course and added a few of my own ideas into it. Pour a pint of dry cider into a wide based pan, adding 60ml of dark spiced rum and 250ml of apple and cinnamon herbal tea. Over a low heat stir 40g of dark brown sugar until dissolved into the mix. Slice 2 clementines in half and stud each segment with a clove and place them facing down into the pan. Break 2 cinnamon sticks into bits and add this with 2 fresh bay leaves and 2 crushed cardamom pods. Turn the heat down as it starts to boil and let this mull for up to an hour.

Ginger beer is another favourite of mine; which I've recently started warming up with honey whiskey. In this recipe (a take on the Moscow Mule) use plenty of ice to make a yummy cocktail pitcher. Most of this for me involved chucking various things into a jug- but if you know how to make cocktails properly, then do it your way. Use 2 parts vodka, 2 parts cranberry juice, 5 parts ginger beer and a few drops of angostura bitters. If it's a bit strong just add more juice (and if it's a bit weak visa versa). I think this would taste equally good with amaretto or honey whiskey! Feel free to experiment...errr safely. 

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