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Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Looking down my to-do list for this year one thing particularly stands out to me; I want to plan something for this summer. I'd like to go somewhere, preferably hot and beachy. I haven't been anywhere beachy in a while. Corresponding this with my bucketlist and general affordability; Greek Island hopping stands out as an affordable summer plan. The big question with Greek Island hopping is always; where do I want to go? Firstly, I know I want to visit Santorini, I've seen enough blue-topped building photos to know that that island is fine. Where else? Mykanos also conjures up stereotypical images of Mamma-Mia style paradise. Next on the list: Ios. I want to have some fun after all and this place offers enough clubs and bars to sound good enough for a night out but not bad enough to resemble an evening in Kavos. At this point all the Greek islands are starting to look all the same and there are questions on feasibility of getting to some of the more popular places. On my list I have written Paros, a quick Google search reminds me this place is rich in history and ancient sites to visit. It's important to have an equal balance of fun and learning, amiright? These mere four islands are in close enough proximity to each other and to Crete; a perfect landing point from the U.K. and an island to explore in itself. Regular flights and accommodation are easy enough to find on the cheap; but it's important to remember that these are summer hotspots and can easily book up in the months running up to summer. I'm all for an idyllic summer of sea breeze and Mediterranean sun, all that's needed here is a bit of extra planning and organisation. Any recommendations for Greek Islands/places to stay and eat are welcome!

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