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Saturday, 26 April 2014



Borough Market is one of my favourite markets to visit when I'm back home, now resting in the shadow of the shard, it's the perfect place to pick up an al-fresco lunch or just a quick coffee. My favourite place to stop here is Spice Mountain; they've got a great selection of ready-mixed spices and I always pick up a couple of their jumbo cinnamon sticks to spice up a homemade chai. Not only this but there's always a great selection of in-season British produce. I had a nosey around last week and saw some perfect spring ingredients ranging from rhubarb to asparagus, rabbit, lamb, spring greens and lobster. 


I actually didn't know about Boqueria's reputation until we stumbled across it one hungry Monday lunchtime. It was one of the busiest markets I'd ever visited, but avoided the feeling of being overcrowded at all. One of the things I remember about the market was how colourful it was; greens and yellows from fresh vegetables, dark reds from huge bouquets of dried chillies and bright pinks and oranges from freshly squeezed fruit juices all piled up on top of ice. The best thing was of course the Iberico ham, which you could buy shaved from the bone or sliced up and skewered on a stick with bits of bread and pepper. A perfect place to pick up some traditional Spanish produce!



This one I haven't been to, but I've been craving a trip to South East Asia and these photos of floating markets just made me crave it more! Floating Markets are traditional across Asia and are well known in Vietnam, Bangkok and Indonesia, originating from a time when water-transport was the easiest way to get around. Fresh fruit and vegetables are sold and bought from boats which cram into waterways making the water hardly visible. Nowadays, they are obviously major tourist attractions but I'd be happy to buy a mango and tuck into it for a mid-day snack.

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