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Thursday, 17 April 2014


BRUNCH. The perfect appetiser pre-elevensies. This Monday, before a visit to the weirdly wonderful Martin Creed Exhibition currently at the Hayward Gallery. My Flatmate in Leeds and I went for a little (quite a lot) of brunch. The destination was a contested one, we hadn't pre-planned our destination, often a risky choice; what did we fancy? Traditional British fry-up? American-style pancakes loaded with maple syrup? Well considering I'll be having plenty of the latter soon (hehe) we went for something completely different- A Bombay Cafe serving Indian/British breakfast combos. Dishoom is tucked away at the back of St Martins Courtyard in Covent Garden, hidden behind the ever-popular Bills and my mum's go-to Jamie's Italian. When we got there, our Chai's arrived instantly. The taste was perfect; spicy, sugary tea, reminiscent of cold mornings huddling in newspaper tents in India. For brunch we got the blogger staple each; the infamous Sausage Naan. Probably one of the best breakfast goodies I've ever had. A Cumberland sausage wrapped in a soft naan bread, smothered with cream cheese and spicy chilli jam, it was mouth-wateringly good. To freshen our taste buds we got the granola and fruit bowl each. Both were served with lashings of honey, thick vanilla yoghurt and seasonal fruits (mine had raspberries, honeydew melon, raspberries and blueberries). Also on the menu there's similar stuff along the same lines with a bacon and egg naan on offer, as well as bigger cooked Indian-style breakfasts all at reasonable prices! The last time I had an 'Indian Breakfast' was a strong curry at 9am on a domestic flight from Leh to Dehli, Dishoom was a refreshing surprise for my delicate morning tastebuds. I would 100% go again, maybe next time try out their lunch menu!

P.S. Visit the Martin Creed Exhibition! There's a room packed full of balloons! There's also some other stuff and's very modern

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