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Saturday, 15 June 2013



We took the train from Munich to Schwangau for a day trip to Neuswanstein Castle, which is pretty much the original Disney Castle but with extra swan-inspiration (apparently the king who built it was a little bit obsessed with these necky birds). But one of the most extrodanairy things about the trip was the train journey there. The Bavarian Alps are stunning and on a sunny day, the green fields of the German countryside, dotted with cottages and barns are just perfectly idyllic.


Although this was an overnight train and we spent most of the time sitting up uncomfortably scratching our itchy blankets, when we awoke, the sceanary leading into the Sierra Nevada Mountains was beautifully peaceful. It didn't have the same kind of beauty as the Alpine mountanins, but instead embodied a desert-landscape style beauty. This was an interestingly desolate backgound that severley contrasted with the city style of Barcelona.


It rained during the whole journey into Slovenia, but this wasn't your gloomy British rain, this was the perfect dramatic dark-clouded background to the Julian Alps. We managed to scoop our own personal cabin for this one and the mountainside journey, which skimmed crystal blue lakes and huge forrests of piney trees was  the best entry into Slovenia. The best half of the trip was the first half, as you tend to get more urban/city towards Ljubljana, so anyone taking this trip shouldn't begin the journey with a nap!

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