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Sunday, 2 June 2013


Beckworth Emporium in Northamptonshire is a favourite among locals. Selling fresh, affordable produce, among other things, it's perfect for a family friendly lunch and shop. The restaurant is divided into an outdoors, grassy section, an indoors section and a beautifully decorated glass-roofed building where my family and I ate our meal.  I had a pot of green tea and mint and a mackerel salad. What was most surprising about the meal was how much mackerel was actually given to us, usually mackerel is flaked into small, menial pieces but this larger portion was much more appreciated. Alongside the salad were a portion of crisp potatoes and lemon mayonnaise, extra chips were optional, but I would advise against it, given the size of the portion.

The menu also offered a selection of other salads, for example salmon and crayfish, burgers and lunch favourites, such as the cheese, walnut and apple sandwiches, I was personally divided between the mackerel salad I eventually chose and a yummy looking rosemary-lamb burger. There's also an afternoon tea selection as well as an extensive range of fresh cakes and puddings for those with a sweet tooth. I would recommend this place for a light summer lunch and it's definitely more catered towards family-friendly groups. However, it's popularity among locals means that a queue begins to develop just after midday, so if you plan to visit, I would highly suggest arriving earlier than later, especially if it's a gorgeous sunny weekend, like the one we just had. Here's hoping we have many more!

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