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Friday, 28 June 2013


I understand on first glance this may sound very broad but what I'm really trying to convey are my future plans for an all-American road trip. The idea of a cross-country road trip from the West to East coast has long inspired both music and literature as well as influencing my personal travelling plans and many others before me (my parents for example). You could argue that a country as big as the USA couldn't possibly be attempted in one trip but I disagree; I think that some places are meant to be experienced this way, where there is more room for exploration and spontaneity. Obviously you're not going to see the whole country, we are all limited in some way or another, whether it be time or money or both.

The way I would do it would be to drive from city to city, stopping for breakfast and then moving onto the next city. Of course I'd love to see the country aswell, all the national parks and natural phenonemons; mainly Yellowstone, Niagra Falls, Mesa Verde...oh and the Grand Canyon as well I guess. Then there are the endless monuments and grand buildings as well as hand-picking from all of the famous American cities; fabulous Las Vegas and art-deco Miami come to my mind. And of course I can't wait to emerse myself in all-American cuisine; someone told me of a $1 lobster place in Las Vegas and how can I not try the cronut? America is famous for many things and it would be difficult for me to list the endless reasons for visiting, most of which has some kind of cultural or historical impact. Although this trip sounds very cliché in reflection, you can't deny that there is at least one reason you would visit the USA...even if it is Disneyland. 

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