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Sunday, 9 March 2014


You know those days when you're craving EVERYTHING bad for you; chocolate, peanut butter, sugar...lots of sugar... Well last week I decided to throw everything I pretty much had in my indulgent ingredients box into one easy-to-make cheap no-bake tray bake. Well I can't really call it a bake... These rice krispie slices are sooo gooey and delicious; my friends literally had to prise the squares off the plate. Firstly, grease a shallow brownie dish with butter. Then melt 100ml (I put a touch more in just to finish the bottle) of golden syrup into a pan alongside 100g of peanut butter and 100g of sugar. Mix until just about to boil. Reduce the heat and add a packet of marshmallows (150g or so), this will start to melt down and become all gooey, once all the marshmallow lumps are gone add 300g of rice krispies into the mix and quickly mix until covered. Then pour onto the greased baking tray and smoothen out with the back of a spoon. Melt 100g chocolate (I was lazy and micro-waved it) and drizzle over the rice krispie mix. Or if you love chocolate, melt as much as possible to cover the mixture as a layer. Allow the chocolate to set and cool before cutting into squares. You can put this in the fridge to let it cool up a bit quicker if you're in a rush. 

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