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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

What I've Leant from Travelling So Far

WEAR SUNSCREEN!!! DO THIS. I shouldn't have to tell you why. Getting sunburnt/sunstroke can ruin a trip and the damage is lasting. I've seen the firsthand effects of over-exposure to sun and wearing sunscreen is honestly the key to staying young and healthy. It's not even that hard, it's just like moisturiser that smells like summer holidays at the beach. Also, I spoke to a dermatologist about this and apparently sunscreen should be worn march-September EVEN IN THE U.K, so er considering the weather we've had lately, go put some on.

Life is an adventure: cheesy but true. This is especially pertinent when travelling. Everyday you're somewhere new, experiencing something completely different and you should learn to appreciate the little differences. For me this was waking up to perfect snow everyday in Canada (something I'm looking forward to next year). 

The world is a small place and it's getting even smaller. Unfortunately a lot of places are getting similar. What we in geography like to call 'coca-colonisation' or the homogenisation of culture. Seeing a McDonalds in rural India for example. You will realise that a lot of cities these days look the same, have the same buildings and the same aesthetic, so it's even more important to seek out the different and the unexplored, search for the places that aren't in the mainstream. #hipster. No, but in all seriousness, you will appreciate it when you find it.  

Cultural Appreciation: and this sounds like something I've been writing for my one of my degree modules (geographers ya know what I mean). This kind of ties in with what I've said before, but appreciate how different culture is where you are and learn about it. A lot of people I've spoken to were inspired to learn a language from their travels! My personal inspiration comes from local food and I'm still trying to seek out a restaurant that specialises in Tibetan momos. IF ANYONE CAN HELP. I LOVE MOMOS. 


Don't defer your goals: PEOPLE WHO DO THIS ARE SO STUPID OHMYGOD. If there is somewhere you want to go and something you want to do, for pete's sake just do it. You can't keep saying oh I will do this and I will do that but blah blah blah in the future. If it's something you're passionate about, you will find a way to do it. I've done this in the past and regretted it so much, but I'm making amends and I'm doing what I planned to do last year this year (Croatia). Also: don't plan your life. This also doesn't work.

I should really learn a language. It's so easy knowing English isn't it? We, in the English speaking world are mighty privileged, don't you think? Our language dominates popular culture and assumes it's the norm, as do we. Have you ever really travelled somewhere and thought; better learn a language before I get to this country. Unlikely. Travelling, makes you realise how easier it would be to learn a native language or at least show you've made the effort to TRY and learn a language (even if it's a couple of phrasebook sentences). Next year, in Canada, I aim to learn (or start) to learn a language, pick up on my GCSE Spanish maybe! 

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