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Friday, 21 March 2014


Leeds has got a fair few BBQ joints; Cattle Grid, Red's True BBQ...The Pit, which opened just last year is the most recent to join the ever-popular American-style BBQ restaurant/cocktail bar group. I have to's my favourite so far. My flatmate and I visited The Pit on a rainy Tuesday evening for some much needed not-student-rice-or-noodles meal out. The place was pretty empty apart from a few crowded around the bar, however, as we found out, the later it got, the busier The Pit got. It’s cosy diner style booths packed out much later on as people rounded up for a booze rich, carb loaded dinner and not surprisingly. The Pit's menu offers classic American-style food, including burgers; pulled pork with streaky bacon and smashed apple sauce alongside huge portions of lobster and ribs (for about £30 if you're treating yourself). The surf and turf combo is The Pit's speciality; lobster is paired up with pretty much any meat, including huge steaks- again not your average student dinner. I would personally recommend the bangers and beans; the smoky BBQ Boston beans were to-die for and the sautéed onions were amazingly complimented by the freshness of the house coleslaw. The cocktail list is equally exciting with DIY-shakeable jam and vodka jars and peanut butter laden bourbon concoctions mixed with caramel and chocolate liqueurs. The food came quickly and the service was excellent. Unlimited condiments and an amazing homemade BBQ sauce was a personal heaven. A MUST for anyone with a love for big portions and meaty dinners. Or if not for dinner, break the bank with some adventurous cocktails.

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