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Friday, 6 June 2014


 Walking into The Botanist last night was like walking into the most well organised garden shed ever. Decorated with trowels, watering cans and posters of various seeds and beans; The Botanist milks its gardening-based brand. The jug of water we got on the table was stereotypically granny-kitsch in their pink floral designs, the plates were a mismatch of tea-set patterns and colours and there was certainly no lack of cladding. The food ethic was good British pub food; well-cooked, big portions and classic tastes. For starters we ordered; tomato and basil soup served in a mug, Cumberland pork chipolatas, Welsh rarebit fondue and a home-made scotch egg with piccalilli. The egg was perfectly cooked and soft in the middle and the piccalilli just sharp enough to offset the Scotch egg. The fondue was praised around the table, served with mounds of crusty, thick bread. For mains it was a case of; steak and ale pie and three portions of flattened rump steak (I ordered a side of peppercorn sauce with mine). Although flattened, the rump was still pink and flavoursome and the peppercorn sauce creamy and spicy. The steak and ale pie came with more gravy than anyone would ever need- we are in Yorkshire after all. The portions were huge; although the idea of a banana and coconut kebab for pud was tempting, I was stuffed after just two portions, you certainly get enough for your money! Lastly, although pricey the cocktails are worth seeking out even if you don't have dinner there. A range of fruity and herb-infused flavours, standouts to try for me are the raspberry amaretto sour, watermelon martini and the cherry and sage sling. I'd love to try The Botanist again, although I reckon I'll have to wait for fourth year now! 


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