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Thursday, 12 June 2014


I've been to Salvo's before, but last time I was too excited by the food to take any pictures, in fact I barely achieved it this time. Salvo's, located in Headingly, is a favourite of Leeds locals serving fresh, simple Italian food for decades now. I chose this place for my birthday dinner (I turned 21 this week yo) and although it's a bit pricey for an average student dinner, I justified it as birthday occasion-worthy! Salvo's has a great selection of pasta, meat and fish and an excellent wine selection. The menu exhibits some of the best Italian ingredients cooked to perfection. My favourites are the Pasta Al Forno; a meatball and salami baked pasta dish smothered in a mozzarella gratin and the Pasta Alla Pecorara; a pork ragu dish with roasted peppers and smoked ricotta. Other recommendations; the giant belly-filling Calzone's or the Pollo Braciole; chicken thighs stuffed with sausage and sage, wrapped in pancetta (my mum is still raving about attempting to re-create this one). The specials often have a range of mouth-watering pricier options, which change weekly depending on what's in season, this has ranged from venison to seafood pasta or roman piglet. What I love most about Salvo's is how relaxed it is, the friendly atmosphere and fact it's full even on a Monday evening without feeling cramped. The decor is nice, straying away from pomp and fancy with pictures of Salvo and family which decorate the walls, highlighting Italian values of community and family strengthened by a love of food. Makes me feel a bit Italian. Salvo does also have a cafe and a deli around the corner, demonstrating how popular the restaurant has become in the neighbourhood. Outstanding cuisine, excellent service and a meets-all-needs atmosphere makes Salvo's a long-standing Leeds favourite.

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