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Monday, 2 June 2014


Land of Fire and Ice? You might mistake it as a place from Game of Thrones but I'm talking about Iceland. Iceland has everything I personally love; whale watching, midnight sun and a foraged food culture. Not only this but the capital city of Reykjavik offers circus festivals, Viking history and classic European nightlife. As the world's most northern capital city, Reykjavik is 'high' on my list of places to go. No but really, there's plenty to do both in and around the city. Dill Restaurant is a pioneer in the foraged foods movement offering unusual Icelandic concoctions. A room at the Reykjavik Marina- a converted factory, offers stunning views of the dock. The hotel displays industrial chintz at it's best; fishing net washing bags and pine covers galore. Directly outside of the city, short excursions can take you Humpback-whale watching or Puffin sighting. April-October is the best season for the bigger animals of course. Geothermal pools and spas are famous in Iceland; the Blue Lagoon is set in an atmospheric black lava field, warming waters at a toasty 38 degrees C. Locals apply the volcanic silica mud directly to their skin which is said to have excellent cleansing and exfoliating results. Alternatively you could talk a walking trip to the isolated island of Videy or go diving in Icelandic waters for some of the best visibility going and ship wrecks abound. Granted it might be a bit chilly but that's what the Geothermal pools are for after. 

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